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Deluxe x No. 22 Little Wing

Deluxe x No. 22 Little Wing

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Each order is for a pre-order, turnaround will be 8-10 weeks shipped to you. 


We teamed up with our friends at No. 22 to create a track bike perfect for the velodrome, crit's, allycat's road rides and anything else you can throw at it.

The pattern on the frame reflects the lines you take while riding a track bike, obtuse free-styled, intuitive.

Titanium is as light as carbon, rides like steel and is as stiff as aluminum but won't rust or corrode and is incredibly difficult to dent making it the ideal frame material designed to last lifetime. 

The first LW manufactured at the Johnnstown, New York facility was based off of the feedback from me racing Red Hook Crit in 2014, the current model designed for our collaboration has larger, tapered stays for a stiffer power transfer and a new 3-D printed seat mast topper. I've ridden this track bike all over the world, Red Hook crit to road races in Italy to tearing up the streets, it's the perfect bike. 

The bike shown in photos was custom built for our athlete, Gino was recently raced Mission Crit and prefers a very long reach, the production models reflected in the geo chart below will be true to size. 

Frame and fork clears 28's with room to spare, if you'd like a water bottle boss's on the downtube, leave a note in the order. 


THIS IS A PRE-ORDER, it will be open for two weeks, 9/12-9/26 turn around will be 4-6 weeks. 


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